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News detail

1.2 million slogans! How to write a million slog

Industry news
2019/04/15 16:40
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  Recently, Jingdong Finance has fully launched the group name change, and the incident of Jingdong Finance's 1.2 million yuan collection of advertising slogans and LOGO can be described as shocking the entire advertising marketing circle.
  It is understood that Jingdong’s activities are open to the public, participants are not restricted by geography, age, profession, etc. The collection activities will be held from October 15th to October 26th, and everyone can submit through online channels. works. The period from October 22 to October 26 is the selection stage. The selected works will be selected by experts and netizens, and will be publicized from October 29th to November 2nd.
  “Jingdong Digital Technology” will be presented as the overall brand of Jingdong Finance. It needs matching brand advertising slogans and advertising logos to match the series of brand upgrades.
  When the news came out, many netizens and people who were eating melons said that the spring of advertising copywriting and advertising designers came, and many advertisers once again believed in the value of advertising industry creativity.
  Perhaps this is just a marketing activity of Jingdong, but in my opinion, this is an unexpected result in reason, a good slogan is definitely worth the price. A good slogan can play the role of four or two. It can not only vividly display the product image, but also directly hit the audience's heart, effectively stimulating consumers' desire to purchase, thus playing the role of goods.
  From this point of view, it seems self-evident that a good slogan is designed. With this topic, today I will share with you some examples of brand slogans and share with you how to write a slogan that is both creative and meaningful.
  On the basic "elements" of a slogan
  In the author's opinion, the most basic principle of an excellent slogan cannot be separated from these three points. The first is to conform to the law of communication, easy to spread, and must be simple and easy to remember; the second is to highlight the selling point, where is the best; It is highly compatible with the brand and is in line with the brand positioning.
  1, colloquial, easy to remember
  In our impression, some widely advertised slogans have been popular for many years. It must be that this slogan is catchy and easy to remember, which is in line with the basic requirements of mass communication. In order to make consumers easy to hang on.
  This is reflected in the fact that the slogan should be as short as possible, the core appeals and information points should be single, and do not use unfamiliar words. In this regard, it is possible to make clever use of some rhyming confrontation, etc., so that the created slogan can make a deep impression on the people and be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
  2, highlight selling points: where is the good place
  To put it simply, it is to tell consumers what kind of benefits and value they can bring to consumers.
  On the one hand, it is necessary to poke the pain points of consumers in a certain field, and at the same time cleverly highlight the unique selling point of the brand or product, use the selling point to hurt the point, and stimulate the emotional contact of the consumer, so that the consumer's heart can be instantly touched. Just as Wang Laoji’s classic slogan, “Fear of getting angry, drinking Wang Laoji”, fully combines the pain points of fear of getting angry with the selling points of anger, and achieves the effect of direct communication.
  To do this, the author suggests that Maslow's theory of demand hierarchy can be fully studied, based on physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for needs and self-realization, etc., from different needs to cut into the right place.
  3, in line with the brand, in line with brand positioning
  The birth of every slogan is not the result of a brainstorming. It must be based on a brand's consideration of brand upgrade, brand transformation, brand new positioning and so on.
  Therefore, when a good slogan is centered on consumers or users, remember not to break away from brand strategy, or deviate from brand positioning and brand tonality. Only in this way can we effectively convey the unique image of a brand, thus forming a differentiated feature with other competing products, and reaching the audience in a more efficient way.