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News detail

How to easily write a copy? Mastering these skills is enough!

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2019/04/15 16:39
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  When writing a copy, mastering some sentences will help you quickly open your mind. Although a bit of a speculative taste. But the biggest role is to make your copy interactive and social.
  Different classic copywriting have the same sentence pattern.
  For example, the recent Jingdong advertising copy "does not have to succeed", the copy is using the sentence "do not have to, don't have to...".
  "No need to succeed"
  You don't have to dry this glass of white wine,
  Drinking a stomach piercing will not help and will not be respected.
  You don’t have to give up playing music, you don
  Don't mind being a punk with a bottle.
  You don't have to record on this book.
  Most meetings are a waste of time, and you don't have to pretend to be diligent and keep recording.
  You don't have to always laugh,
  You don't have to reply to every WeChat, you don't have to like it everywhere.
  You don't have to have any accounts, and you don't have to ask someone else to have any accounts.
  Even if life is not easy, you don't have to let your parents go to the corner to be questioned by others.
  You don't have to buy a big house, you don't have to borrow three million at a monthly salary of 10,000.
  Thirty years later, when the children ask what stories you have in those years, you can't just have a loan.
  You don't have to go to a well-known big company to pursue your dreams.
  The variety you want to escape, there will be there.
  You don't have to go to a big city, you don't have to escape from the north.
  You don't have to use someone else's one hundred thousand plus to decide your own life.
  You don't have to change yourself.
  You don't have to believe in the 10,000-hour law, you don't have to read successful studies.
  You don't have to join the executive group, you don't have to be the second person.
  You don't have to listen to the noise of a narrow feminist.
  Don't care about those who only ask for privilege but don't fulfill their obligations.
  You don't have to sleep too many girls to prove the charm.
  It's not worth showing off, and you don't know who is sleeping.
  You don't have to make everyone happy.
  You don’t have to bring a gift every time you travel.
  You don't have to take a break from the table, you don't have to calculate the seat at the dinner table.
  You don't have to return home during the New Year.
  You don't have to send such a big red envelope, you don't have to drive to send everyone back home.
  You don't have to take all the responsibilities.
  Don't worry about refusing to lend money to a friend,
  You don't have to be guilty about the frugality of your parents. You don't have to lend a helping hand to every beggar on the side of the road.
  You don't have to deliberately pursue the legendary shore and distance.
  Every place you want to arrive, there are people who want to escape like you.
  You don't have to smoke downstairs and go home after parking in the middle of the night.
  You don't have to carry so much,
  You don't have to succeed.
  Don't define your life with so-called success.
  Jingdong Xiaojinku, your insistence, my support.
  Mastering the sentence style will make writing a copy very easy. When you are writing a new handwriting, you can practice it directly in a set of sentences. The following small series summarizes 30 common sentence patterns to help everyone write a good copy.
  1. Don't... because...
  Don't preach your heart everywhere, because not only do you have a story
  2, not as good as...
  Instead of looking around, it is better to be here.
  3, then..., also...
  The expensive tree is not the one in memory.
  4. This year... next year...
  20 this year, 18 next year.
  5, one side... one side...
  One technology, one art.
  6, three points..., seven points...
  Three minutes is destined, seven points by the filter.
  7, either... or...
  Either outstanding or out.
  8, no... only...
  No alcoholic, only cowards.
  9, the more... the less...
  The more you know, the less you can understand.
  10, ... is...
  Buying insurance is to buy peace.
  11, ... is the best...
  Going to bed early is the best mask
  12, want to..., want to...
  To show off the rich to buy Rolls Royce, to get rich to buy the Beetle.
  13, ... how many..., ... there are many...
  How big is the heart and how big the stage is.
  14, no... there is no...
  No profit leads to no extinction.
  15. What is there... just...
  What is so natural, but we insist on it every day.
  16, because..., so...
  Because of concentration, so professional.
  Because you are you, so I believe.
  17, as long as..., where...
  As long as there is sand in the heart, there is a Maldives.
  18, as long as..., the world...
  As long as you go there, the world will make way for you.
  19, ... same / equivalent...
  The people you walk with are as important as the places you want to reach.
  20, ..., fortunately, good...
  Lost in love in Tokyo, but fortunately the wine is very strong.
  21, not all..., all...
  Not all milk is called Telunsu.
  22, ... no / equal to ...
  If you are not seen, you will not exist.
  23. If there is no...,......
  If there is no association, what will the world be like?
  24, ... can not have both
  You can not have it both ways.
  25, let the world not...
  Let the world have no hard to do business.
  26, a little more..., a little less...
  A little more sincere, a little less routine.
  27, not... but...
  Your problem is not poor, but lazy.
  28, the real...
  The true warrior dares to face the bleak life.
  29, except..., no...
  Except for sweat, don't waste anything.
  30, ... is ..., ... is...
  The door to open is Beijing, and the door is Nordic.
  Therefore, if you want to write a good copy, sometimes you don't need how much rhetoric you have. As long as you master some common sentences, you can do more with less.