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● In 2012, the company was awarded as “Top 10 Creative Printing Companies in China”
● In 2014, the company received the “Award for Achieving Industrialization Potential”
● In 2015, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission listed the company’s products as “key program”
● In 2016, the company was recognized as a Resource-saving Green Packaging Industry Base Project in Central China
● One of the main formulators of the standard of "Re-flue-cured Tobacco Packaging Corrugated Carton" in tobacco industry



+86-159 2766 8880


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Design and promotion of cardboard furniture

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  Design and promotion of cardboard furniture
  Cardboard furniture has been developed in developed countries for more than 20 years, and the Chinese market has just started. The corrugated board produced by our new materials is far superior to the cardboard furniture made in developed countries in strength and moisture resistance.
  In response to the country's call for mass innovation and entrepreneurship, we signed an agreement with the University of Wuhan Printing and Packaging Department, Hubei University of Technology and Huanggang Normal University to use the college students' spare time to design cardboard furniture and cardboard crafts. At the same time, our company is working with the Wuhan Vocational and Technical College design website, which has more than 30,000 designers from around the world to develop and design cardboard furniture.
  The works designed by college students and designers, and the works that both the company and the designer are satisfied with will be used to apply for patents jointly by the company, students and designers. The company produces the product and uses the Internet to sell; the profits obtained are divided into three. The program is highly praised and welcomed by college students and designers.