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● In 2012, the company was awarded as “Top 10 Creative Printing Companies in China”
● In 2014, the company received the “Award for Achieving Industrialization Potential”
● In 2015, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission listed the company’s products as “key program”
● In 2016, the company was recognized as a Resource-saving Green Packaging Industry Base Project in Central China
● One of the main formulators of the standard of "Re-flue-cured Tobacco Packaging Corrugated Carton" in tobacco industry



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Carton replacement wooden box

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  Carton replacement wooden box
  Corrugated boxes made from new packaging materials can replace wooden boxes. Because the product has good moisture resistance, flat compression strength and various physical indexes, it can completely replace most of the wooden box packaging. Corrugated boxes produced by one ton of new materials can replace 3-10 cubic meters of wood packaging. The comparison of social and economic benefits brought by two kinds of packaging can be seen:
  1. The corrugated carton can be recycled after use, which belongs to the category of circular economy. The second wood package is waste after use;
  2. Corrugated boxes can replace the wooden box packaging to reduce the packaging cost by 20%-60% for users;
  3. Saving wood means reducing the deforestation of forests and indirectly protecting the natural ecology and the natural environment.
  In short, the carton replaces the wooden box and the country, the market is very broad, only 300 companies in the Chinese market, Siemens has more than 100 manufacturing companies in China, one-third of their products are in wooden boxes.