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● In 2012, the company was awarded as “Top 10 Creative Printing Companies in China”
● In 2014, the company received the “Award for Achieving Industrialization Potential”
● In 2015, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission listed the company’s products as “key program”
● In 2016, the company was recognized as a Resource-saving Green Packaging Industry Base Project in Central China
● One of the main formulators of the standard of "Re-flue-cured Tobacco Packaging Corrugated Carton" in tobacco industry



+86-159 2766 8880


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Design of Packaging Structure

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  Design of Packaging Structure
  Professional production team, innovative design concept. Our company designs according to a set of standards and visions, and takes into account the needs of the industry, different packaging materials, the molding method of the container, the different requirements of the various parts of the packaging container, and the combination of the technical, container, protective and convenient requirements of the packaging. We run analysis of the product itself (interior), its specific packaging requirements, maximum size, before determining the general size and shape of the carton, designing the box, and calculating the manufacturing dimensions (machining size) of each part of the carton; finally, the structural form of the box design is verified by the craft quality department, to ensure that it reaches the ideal design goal.