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● In 2012, the company was awarded as “Top 10 Creative Printing Companies in China”
● In 2014, the company received the “Award for Achieving Industrialization Potential”
● In 2015, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission listed the company’s products as “key program”
● In 2016, the company was recognized as a Resource-saving Green Packaging Industry Base Project in Central China
● One of the main formulators of the standard of "Re-flue-cured Tobacco Packaging Corrugated Carton" in tobacco industry



+86-159 2766 8880


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  Packaging Reuse
  In heavy-duty packaging, under the condition of reducing the paper consumption by 25%, the various physical indicators of the packaging carton increased by 30-200%, and can be reused more than 5 times.
  The State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has re-established the industry standard for "re-roasted cigarette packaging - corrugated carton packaging box" based on the new materials of our company.Since the implementation of the new standard, Hunan Zhongyan has tried first and achieved good economic benefits.According to preliminary statistics: paper usage based on the new standard is carton paper 12 kg/set, while the old standard paper usage is 16 kg/set, saving 4 kg of paper/set.The annual consumption of the national tobacco system is more than 10 million sets (including re-baking tobacco boxes, tobacco leaf boxes and tobacco stem boxes), which can save 40,000 tons of paper, and reduce the cost by 2 billion yuan according to the secondary calculation of recycling.In addition, it can save 360,000 tons of paper.To make a ton of paper, 230 degrees of electricity, 0.6 tons of coal, and 15 tons of water needs to be used. By calculation, his can save 82.8 million kWh of electricity, reduce coal consumption by 216,000 tons, and reduce emissions of 5.4 million tons of wastewater.
  This is just a single example of tobacco product.The new standard for cigarette packaging, which is more widely and frequently used, is being formulated according to our company's new material standards. For this reason, the National Tobacco Bureau invited our company to set standards for the recycling of packaging, and also held three standard demonstrations in our company meeting. On top of demonstrating for packaging industry, the National Tobacco Bureau believe our current practices has far-reaching demonstration impacts on other industries as well.