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● In 2012, the company was awarded as “Top 10 Creative Printing Companies in China”
● In 2014, the company received the “Award for Achieving Industrialization Potential”
● In 2015, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission listed the company’s products as “key program”
● In 2016, the company was recognized as a Resource-saving Green Packaging Industry Base Project in Central China
● One of the main formulators of the standard of "Re-flue-cured Tobacco Packaging Corrugated Carton" in tobacco industry



+86-159 2766 8880


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  Hubei Leading Packaging Co., Ltd. is an innovative green packaging enterprise integrating production, learning and research. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the development philosophy of “leading the times, packaging the future” and adhering to the “people-oriented, efficiency first” code of conduct. The company is located in the new industrial park of Hong'an Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 206 mu, with a total investment of about 206 million yuan. It was completed and put into operation in June 2015, with a construction area of over 70,000 square meters, including more than 60,000 square meters of production workshops. It has a space including a laboratory of over 4,800 square meters, staff apartment 4000 square meters, and dining hall nearly 2000 square meters. The company has more than 200 sets of domestic and international advanced production equipment, including one high-speed seven-layer cardboard production line of 2.5 meters and 1.8 meters wide; one of the eight-color and ten-color gravure production lines of American Stevenson. Germany Roland four-color, five-color offset printing machine four, new material processing equipment FH2300, FH1800 one each, the annual production capacity of 60,000 tons; and veneer, die-cutting machine, nail box machine and other equipment, complete Printing, post-processing capabilities. Its main business is the production of paper-based wood heavy-duty packaging and general and color corrugated boxes. There are nearly 200 employees in the company, including 58 people with college education and above and personnel that have earned professional and technical titles above assistant level. It was honoured with ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
  Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. The new material developed by the company is a revolution in the packaging industry. It solves the common problems in the history of the carton packaging industry. It is also a major experiment and breakthrough in resource conservation. On the premise of reducing paper consumption by 25%. The Physical Index of Corrugated Carton Compares with National Standard increased by 30% to double. It not only saves paper resources, but also improves product quality. The corrugated cartons produced by this technology have completely changed the history that traditional cartons can only be used once. Traditional cartons can only be used once, support multiple reuses, and some can even be reused up to eight times. On the other hand, in a 95% relative humidity environment, corrugated boxes are not soft and physical. The indicators are basically unchanged, and the moisture-proof performance has a qualitative leap, which is a subversive revolution in the carton industry. The standard of double-baked tobacco corrugated boxes has been included in the industry standard by the National Tobacco Bureau in 2013, and its use is more extensive; the industry standard of 50 packs of cigarettes with larger usage is also being formulated. After the above two standards are officially announced and implemented, the two types of tobacco packaging in the country can save 300,000 tons of paper per year.
  In order to quickly promote the new technology of “paper-based wood” to the whole country and widely use it in various industries of the national economy, the company has reached a preliminary plan with the China Packaging Federation Standards Committee to revise the national standards for packaging in other industries, such as export packaging. Heavy-duty logistics packaging, military packaging and paper-based plastic, paper-based iron and paper liquid packaging. The company is currently developing smart wrappers or packaging cartons (bags). Intelligent wrapping paper is an electronic chip embedded in the wrapping paper. This electronic chip can collect all the information of the product. With a click of the mouse, the relevant information of the product can be seen at a glance. This is a milestone for the supervision of food and pharmaceutical packaging  only that, the company is working with Wuhan University, Hubei University of Technology and Hubei Packaging Design Committee to promote paper furniture and actively promote corrugated cardboard instead of wooden pallets. Taken into account the characteristics of the carton industry, the company plans to set up about 20 enterprises with certain scale and influence in key developed cities and provincial capitals in five years by means of technology equity, equity acquisition, equity participation, etc. to promote the use of new materials and strive to be listed within three to five years. After all projects are put into operation in 2020, sales revenue of the company will be around 1 billion yuan, and profit payments and tax turnover will be 200 million yuan.